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Paranormal Beings - The Slenderman

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1Paranormal Beings - The Slenderman Empty Paranormal Beings - The Slenderman on Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:40 pm


The Slenderman is a mythical being, described as a very tall and thin man, wearing a black suit, and has a blank face meaning, it doesn't have a face, but has a head of course. The Slenderman can stretch out his limbs and torso at very far distances or maybe even to infinite, this is because, he was tortured in the woods and died from hunger and dehydration, while his limbs and torso was stretched out, then after he was dead, they burned the tree that he died on, with him on it. He stretchs his limbs and torso to induce fear within the victim, then put them into a state called "Trance", people who usually see him, develop somekind of mental illness, where they cough, are dehydrated, does not want to be recorded much, or the urge to draw figures.

Heres a video

2Paranormal Beings - The Slenderman Empty input on Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:59 pm


I'm not too keen in believing such things too fast, but it indeed does exist. Due to the laws of energy.

The process for such entities manifesting in the astral and becoming a thought form/tulpa is...

Thoughts are pretty much a focus of attention on a certain subject within your mind.

Energy is drawn and focused around thoughts/attention/focus.

Such things like these have many people constantly talking and referring to such things. Humans are a very emotional species, there are constant amounts of people fearing this thing, making pranks of him and making works through videos, audios and written works to inspire emotions of such things and all those emotions, focuses and thoughts eventually collected in the astral and that entity manifested itself.

Subjects like these bring up many questions like "Where do gods and deities come from?" "Did we humans create our own gods and deities?" "Or did we feed already existing deities with our devotions and thoughts.

Hopefully we should keep this to topic of slenderman and I should do so too Razz

Any debate or wanting to talk of any of the questions above or any coming up should definitely be brought up and asked in new forums dedicated to such questions and ideas we get from this or any other forum that strays from the original thought.

Anyways, thanks a lot for the post Dark really interesting topic O,..,O

3Paranormal Beings - The Slenderman Empty Re: Paranormal Beings - The Slenderman on Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:10 pm


Interesting find, thanks for posting.

I agree with azure, it definently does, due to people talking about it, and sending so much energy towards the idea, thus forming a thoughtform. It's the same thing with deities, but im going to keep things simple and on topic.

I shouldn't have watched this at night, though lol, it shook me up quite a bit.

The whole spirited away thing, which is the same as kidnapped and never seen again, has been popular with malevolent paranormal figures.

Heres a question. If we were to encounter such a being, would it immediately attack us? and what weaknesses would it have? how could we defend ourselves? can it influence us on the physical?

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